Meadow Lake Enterprises

I specialize in pre-owned Mazda sports cars, 4x4 Jeep XJs, Big Block/TDI 4x4 Suburbans You will also find a few vehicles that are completely unrelated but I thought were unique, quirky or an outstanding example of its year/marque.

Please take a look at my "Sales History" page to get a flavor for the type and condition of cars sold in the past year.

In most cases I try to get the best cars from across the southern (salt-free) part of the country and perform any necessary repairs and maintenance. Most miatas get a full 60k service including timing belt/water pump, coolant hoses, seals and fluids. We do all our service in-house.  Each car is road tested at least 150 miles before its put up for sale. With that said, I will also sell some bargain priced project cars for the do-it-yourselfers. They will be clearly indicated as such.

 Most of my cars are sold out of state. I will pick you up at the airport or work with your shipper. 

Some of our inventory